March 2001 AAOS Report

AAOS members can receive two electronic information services

Members who have provided their e-mail address to the AAOS soon will begin to receive two new electronic services. First, Richard H. Gelberman, MD, AAOS president, will establish a personal dialogue with the members, electronically, called "Update from the President." Whenever there is an important issue that is considered by the Board of Directors or that surfaces at a Board of Directors' retreat, Dr. Gelberman will send a short, focused e-mail message to all members who have given the AAOS their e-mail address. Second, the AAOS News Updates service, which has been provided on request since 1997, will be expanded and renamed. In addition to short reports on daily news events, this service also will contain important actions taken by the Board of Directors and Councils, soon after they occur. This information will be included with the news reports in the service that will be renamed "AAOS Headline News."

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