March 2001 AAOS Report

2001 media campaign will educate public, promote orthopaedics

The Community Orthopaedic Awareness Program (COAP) is a series of five public information presentations being developed for orthopaedic surgeons to use in their communities. Orthopaedic subjects of the greatest impact were identified by analyzing burden of disease data; the first series presents osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, back pain, sports injuries and general injury prevention. These multimedia presentations are tied in with the AAOS's 2001 Public Service Announcement (PSA) Campaign, "Getting You Back in the Game." Television, radio and print PSAs will be distributed to more than 13,000 media outlets nationwide and 100 airports. The presentations will also educate the public on the Bone and Joint Decade, burden of disease statistics, prevention information and treatment options. A "How To" guide will offer tips on bringing the information to the community. An AAOS insert in USA Today, March 2, 2001 featured "Orthopaedics in Motion: Getting you back in the game," with stories on sports and musculoskeletal health. For reprints or samples, call Pat Julitz, Public and Media Relations, (847) 384-4036, or e-mail Sandra Gordon,

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