March 2004 AAOS Report

Enhancements to AAOS Home Page increase security, facilitate access

Two new links on the AAOS home page will help increase site security and facilitate member access to certain areas of the Web site. Located at the upper right section of the home page, the My Profile and Log Off links were designed specifically for member use. Clicking on the My Profile link enables members to access change of address information and private areas of the Web site. Clicking the Log Off link will sign members off from any private areas that required sign-in and erase all browser cookies that were used to keep the member signed in. Members can change their password in the My Profile section as well as their address. They can also add or confirm their e-mail address.

The Academy strongly recommends that members formally log off the system if they have visited any of the private areas reserved for their use. This is particularly important if members browse the Web on a shared computer or one in a public area such as a library or kiosk. A Log Off link is at the top right-hand corner of most password-protected Web pages, as well as on the AAOS home page.

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