AAOS Report - March, 2005

75th Anniversary: "Help us get our story straight"

In preparation for the Academy’s 75th Anniversary in 2008, a Web site was launched during the 2005 Annual Meeting to collect historic information from members, industry, related health organizations and the public—all to “help us get our story straight.” Artifacts, stories, facts and more will be documented for consideration and use in various 75th Anniversary projects. This Web site, which provides links to the historical documentation database, is the key tool the AAOS will use to gather and manage this information. The Web site is the first step in the archiving process and will provide the material and information for all other projects. Bookmarks and postcards are available to members to help promote this Web site. Visit http://www.aaos.org/75years to contribute your story, or contact Teena Austin, austin@aaos.org, for more information.

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