March 1997 AAOS Report

Academy creates international membership

At the second Business Meeting in San Francisco, Academy fellows approved a bylaws amendment that creates an international affiliate membership. Effective March 1997, each corresponding member and reciprocal member of the Academy automatically will become an international affiliate member. To qualify for international affiliate membership, the member must be an orthopaedic surgeon practicing outside the U.S. who is in good standing with one of the national orthopaedic organizations of the country in which he or she practices. The individual must devote his or her medical practice to orthopaedic surgery or be actively engaged in teaching orthopaedic surgery or research related to the musculoskeletal system and must maintain a full, unrestricted license to practice. An international affiliate member may attend and participate in all Academy scientific meetings and may serve on any committee or task force, but may not hold office or vote at any regular or special Academy business meeting. The annual dues will be $300; the benefits package will be announced soon.

Academy fellows also approved resolutions to continue to support negotiations to eliminate inequities in physician fee schedules and advise private insurance carriers, workers' compensation boards and state Medicaid agencies not to adopt a flawed resource-based relative value scale system. In addition, fellows approved resolutions on routine HIV testing of hospitalized patients and HIV-infected health care workers.

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