May 2003 AAOS Report

Fellowship votes on resolutions via e-mail, fax and postal service

The AAOS Fellowship has voted, in the first-ever Fellowship-wide ballot (written or electronic) to adopt all six of the resolutions considered under the mandatory five-year review process. The new balloting procedure took place after the 2003 Annual Meeting and reflects a change in the resolutions approval process adopted in 2002. AAOS successfully sent 17,160 ballots to the AAOS Fellowship. Of those, 1,754 ballots were sent by e-mail; 11,563 by fax; and 3,844 by U.S. mail. Of the total received, 4,220 valid votes were returned, for a response rate of 24.6 percent. Each of the six resolutions passed easily, supported by 97.6 percent to 99.7 percent of the votes.

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