AAOS Report - May, 2006

LFP seeks fellow and mentor candidates

Applications for Leadership Fellows Program fellows and mentors are now available online (password protected). Any AAOS fellows, 45 years old and younger by January 31, 2007, may apply for an LFP fellow position. AAOS fellows who are willing to serve as advisors and confidants to LFP fellows while establishing a professional and personal long-term relationship are encouraged to apply as mentors.

This is a year-long commitment with five mandatory meetings and two teleconference/ webinars throughout the year. Please review the LFP schedule prior to completing the application to ensure you will be able to attend all meetings. The deadline for fellow and mentor applications is June 23, 2006. For inquiries, send an e-mail to Jeffrey Kramer, FACHE, CAE, or call him at (847) 384-4344.

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