November 2000 AAOS Report

CD-ROM 'Arthritic Knee' praised for easy access, teaching value

In the September 2000 edition of Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery, Robert Poss, MD, gives a highly favorable review to the AAOS CD-ROM, The Arthritic Knee. Calling the disk a "continuing medical-education course in its own right," Dr. Poss points to the disk's many educational attributes. The disk, he said, is "easily accessible through a well-conceived navigation architecture that allows the user to go back and forth from one application to another." The disk provides, he says, "an extraordinary amount of relevant information about the normal knee, the arthritic knee and the care of patients with arthritis of the knee." Dr. Poss notes that the program contains an interactive knee model that both rotates the knee and demonstrates the superficial and deep anatomy of the knee in each of these rotations. It provides, Dr. Poss concludes, " an entertaining and highly educational addition to the library of every surgeon who cares for patients with arthritis." The Arthritic Knee on CD-ROM is $169 for Academy members, $149 for residents. To order, call AAOS Customer Service at (800) 626-6726 and ask for item no. 02-495.

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