November 2001 AAOS Report

Names in the News

The Scoliosis Research Society elected new officers at its Sept. 19-22 annual meeting. Elected were Denis S. Drummond, MD, president; Keith H. Bridwell, MD, president-elect; James W. Ogilvie, MD, vice president; Alvin H. Crawford, MD, past president; John B. Emans, MD, secretary; and Behrooz A. Akbarnia, MD, treasurer . . . The Clinical Orthopaedic Society elected Robert H. Haralson, III, MD, president; J. Donald Opgrande, MD, first president elect; James Sammarco, MD, second president-elect; James J. Hamilton, MD, secretary-treasurer; Lorence Trick, MD, librarian-historian; and Stephen K. Bubb, MD, immediate past president . . . The Illinois Association of Orthopaedic Surgeons in April elected its board of directors for 2001-2002. New officers are Eugene C. Wittenstrom, MD, president; Wayne Goldstein, MD, president-elect; Gordon Allan, MD, vice president; Steven I. Rabin, MD, secretary; and Mark Hutchinson, MD, treasurer.

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