Expert Witness Clearinghouse Project - AAOS Report

Expert Witness Clearinghouse Project is on the move

In September 2006, the AAOS Board of Directors voted to strengthen fellows’ access to previous expert witness testimony by forwarding existing Expert Witness Clearinghouse Project files to IDEX, an independent company that maintains an expert witness database.

Fellows, members or their legal counsel may continue to submit complete depositions and court testimony to the AAOS Professional Compliance Program, which will forward the documents to IDEX for inclusion in its database. The AAOS Professional Compliance Program will maintain a list of documents sent to IDEX and advise requestors that they may obtain information from IDEX.

Through an agreement with IDEX, AAOS fellows named as defendants in medical liability litigation may obtain information on defense expert witnesses. For a small fee (approximately $70), IDEX may provide a history of previous expert witness testimony and identify matters for which depositions and/or court testimony are available for purchase. Fellows may contact IDEX directly at (800) 521-5596. Please identify yourself as an AAOS Fellow and be prepared to provide information about the matter in which you have been named.

Additional information about the AAOS Professional Compliance Program is available online.

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