November 1995 AAOS Report

Academy's new area code will be 847 on Jan. 20, 1996

The Academy will have a new area code, 847, effective Jan. 20, 1996. The new long distance telephone number will be (847) 823-7186. The area code change also will affect the Academy's fax lines and all of the staff's direct-dial telephone lines. There will be a grace period, from Jan. 20 to April 20, 1996, when individuals can dial either the 847 or 708 area code to complete a phone call. After April 20, all calls must include the new 847 area code. The Academy will still maintain its toll-free phone numbers (800) 346-2267 for general information or (800) 626-6726 for customer service to order Academy products. The switch to the 847 area code is attributed to the increased demand in Illinois for phone numbers for cellular telephones, fax machines, pagers, and computer modems.

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