November 1996 AAOS Report

New brochures on how to select health insurance plans are available

Academy president Kenneth E. DeHaven, MD, last month announced a new program to inform the public about access to specialty care. The message is being carried in two brochures on how to select a health insurance plan. Choose the Health Plan that Lets You Choose helps people make decisions about their health insurance that they never faced before the growth of managed care. Don't Wait Until It's Too Late, Ask Questions Now presents a series of typical incidents that may confront an individual in the future, the problems posed and the questions that should be answered now to avoid those future problems. Paul J. Hirsch, MD, chairman of the Academy's Committee on Health Care Delivery, appeared on CNBC's "The Money Club," a national cable television program, to discuss the new brochures and importance of access to specialty care. Dr. Hirsch's interview generated more than 200 calls from the public requesting copies of the brochures. The brochures were developed by the Academy's Committee on Health Care Delivery and Committee on Public Education. To obtain copies of the brochures, contact the Academy's customer service department, (800) 626-6726.

Also, the Patient Access to Specialty Care Coalition last month aired an ad on radio stations in 33 cities opposing "gag" clauses in order to raise the issue during the final days of the election campaign.

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