November 1999 AAOS Report

AAOS briefing tells advances in orthopaedics

Orthopaedic surgeons presented advances in orthopaedics and the latest news in the treatment of musculoskeletal conditions to 32 members of the media at Orthopaedics Update, the ninth annual science writers and editors press conference, in New York City, Oct. 13. Following opening remarks by Stephen E. Conrad, MD, conference co-chairman, and Larry E. Rosenthal, PhD, AAOS deputy executive vice president, new statistics on musculoskeletal conditions in the U.S. were presented by Joseph A. Buckwalter, MD. Other presentations included sports injuries and their prevention for baby boomers, Nicholas A. DiNubile, MD; a new survey on backaches in children due to carrying heavy backpacks and prevention options, Charlotte B. Alexander, MD; a new survey on women's work shoes and problems they can cause, Carol C. Frey, MD; a presentation on osteoporosis that outlined the prevention and treatment of the disease, Rosemarie M. Morwessel, MD; dietary supplements and their affect on athletic performance, Clarence L. Shields, Jr., MD; and sledding safety, John R. Tongue, MD.

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