November 1999 AAOS Report

AAOS home page gets new look

The home page for the AAOS at, has been redesigned for easy use by both members and the public. The use of more color and graphics will help visitors to the web site secure information they need in an efficient manner. Searches can be done across all AAOS web pages by inserting key words, or by selecting specific topics from new boxes, including the Annual Meeting, Product Catalog, Orthopaedic Yellow Pages and Search. A special bar has features the AAOS wants to highlight on a temporary basis, like Special Olympics, Bone and Joint Decade and Orthopaedics Update. The home page includes sections on Public Information, Media Information, Medical Education, Research, Member Services, Health Policy, Specialty Societies and International News. "What's New" helps visitors access the latest information on the web site.

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