October 2002 AAOS Report

Athlete's Shoulder DVD-ROM now available

The Athlete's Shoulder on DVD-ROM provides "hands on" learning. Interactive learning and full-screen video clips provide up-close views of the complete surgical procedure. Two expert shoulder surgeons-Michael L. Pearl, MD, and Richard J. Hawkins, MD-coach participants through 10 diverse patient cases. The orthopaedist will interpret radiographs and MRIs, draw a virtual incision and writing rehab notes. Tutorials explore shoulder anatomy, biomechanics, arthroscopic knot tying, and physical examination of the shoulder. Quizzes and an extensive Web site help evaluate participants' progress and keep them connected to new cases, controversies and expert insight. The cost for the DVD-ROM is $209 (AAOS members, $179, and for residents, $149).

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