October 2003 AAOS Report

AAOS Board approves LFP class of 2004/2005

The AAOS Board of Directors has approved the Fellows for the Leadership Fellows Program (LFP) class of 2004/2005. From 79 applicants, 15 were selected to participate in the leadership training and mentorship programs.

The LFP Fellows are: Albert Aboulafia, MD; Laurel Blakemore, MD; Kevin Bozic, MD; John Flynn, MD; Jeffrey Guy, MD; Stephen Haddad, MD; Valerae Lewis, MD; David Markel, MD; William Martin III, MD; Steven Morgan, MD; Charles Nelson, MD; William Payne III, MD; Robert Randall, MD; Ellen Raney, MD; and Richard Schaefer, MD.

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