October 1996 AAOS Report

Make Annual Meeting hotel, airline reservations

Jan. 17 is the deadline to secure hotel reservations for the Academy’s Annual Meeting in San Francisco. When arranging housing for the meeting, it also is important to remember to secure airline reservations. Discounted airfares are available to San Francisco on United Airlines, Delta Air Lines and US Air. To receive discounted airfares, individuals can contact the Academy’s official travel agency-International Travel Service-at (800) 621-1083; call the airlines direct; or contact a travel agent. Use the reference numbers listed below to receive a discount or guaranteed zone fare when making a reservation.

United Airlines
(800) 521-4041
Ref. #500IS

Delta Air Lines
(800) 241-6760
Ref. #DO114

US Air
(800) 334-8644
Gold File #69380175

Hotel reservations also can be made by contacting ITS at (800) 650-6824 (U.S. and Canada) and (847) 940-2155 (International). More information can be found in the Annual Meeting preliminary program that was mailed this month.

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