October 1997 AAOS Report

Register on-line for Annual Meeting

On-line advance registration for the 1998 Annual Meeting will be available on the home page. Only Academy members can access this service using their Academy ID number. Individuals can register, select instructional courses and special events and register for Specialty Day meetings with a credit card-Visa, Mastercard or American Express; the Academy will mail a receipt confirming registration within 10 days. The home page will have "Make Your Own Schedule" where individuals can enter meetings, courses and social events that they plan to attend during the meeting. After selecting events, a customized daily schedule can be printed out for personal use. The Academy also plans to include an on-line password-protected "Colleague Locator" for attendees to locate associates who have registered for the meeting.

Listings of instructional courses and lecture demonstration courses currently are posted on the home page, and include detailed course descriptions, faculty, time and location. Abstracts of scientific paper presentations and poster and scientific exhibits will be made available by the Academy in the coming months. All new items are located in the "1998 Annual Meeting" section of the home page at http://www.aaos.org.

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