September 2000 AAOS Report

AAOS survey reveals substantial public relations issues

Results of a questionnaire mailed as part of the Councilor's Report in May 2000 indicate that more than three-fourths of the 1,028 respondents do not regularly engage in local or national public and media relations activities, but almost the same number believe that such activities do increase the number of patient visits. This and other pertinent information was garnered from the survey, which was developed by the AAOS Public and Media Relations Department and the Board of Councilors Communications Committee. Respondents were also asked if they measured patient visits by source of referral. Those who track that information were then asked to estimate the percentage of patient visits resulting from public/media relations activities. Results indicate that a 7.4 percent mean average for patient visits can be attributed to such activities. Most respondents (83.1 percent) had not received training in talking to the media, yet slightly more than half (51.9) percent) expressed an interest in receiving such training. The Public and Media Relations Department has resources available for members, including a Media Training Manual, Public Relations Manual, and "how-to" information.

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