September 2002 AAOS Report

AAOS Board completes its organizational review

The AAOS Board of Directors has taken a number of actions as the result of an organizational review that has occurred over the past six months. This review was the final part of the AAOS in 2005 project that the Board has been working on for three years in an effort to keep AAOS a vital professional association. The consultants to the Board of Directors were RSM McGladrey, a Chicago-area firm specializing in review of professional organizations. Benchmarking data was collected from 19 other medical associations. Senior AAOS managers and the entire Board of Directors were interviewed, and an anonymous online survey was distributed to all staff. Two project teams have worked on prioritizing and implementing the McGladrey recommendations, for both Board and staff, to improve the AAOS as a professional organization. One of these project teams is addressing the financial function of AAOS, and the other is focusing on general organizational changes. The reports of these project teams will be given at the September Board of Directors meeting.

The AAOS Board of Directors has also worked with the consultants to determine the most appropriate executive structure for AAOS. The Board has approved a structure that features a chief executive officer (CEO) with an executive team, which consists of a director of medical affairs, chief operating officer (COO), chief financial officer, and chief educational officer. The Board of Directors has approved the new structure, and phase-in will take place over the next year. These changes have been made with the Board officers working in collaboration with William Tipton, MD, and Lawrence E. Rosenthal, PhD. Dr. Tipton will continue in his role as executive vice president and CEO until March 31, 2003, and on April 1, 2003, will assume the role of director of medical affairs. In October 2002, a search committee of the board of directors will begin to select a new CEO by or before April 1, 2003. Dr. Rosenthal will continue to serve as COO and has been asked by the Board to assume some additional staff leadership responsibilities throughout this transition. The organizational review was designed to ensure a strong future and to keep AAOS the premier medical professional association that it is.

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