September 2004 AAOS Report

Submit testimony, request information from Expert Witness Clearinghouse Project

AAOS fellows and members may assist their colleagues who are involved in litigation by submitting complete depositions and/or court testimony from expert witnesses for inclusion in the AAOS Expert Witness Clearinghouse Project. Orthopaedic surgeons are invited to submit complete depositions and/or court testimony given by expert witnesses for both plaintiffs and defendants. AAOS members or their attorneys may access these documents for use in other legal proceedings, including deposing expert witnesses and preparing for trial. An individual’s own words may be used to bolster or impeach the expert witness testimony in the same or even another case.

AAOS fellows and members or their attorneys may request information available on a particular expert witness. If testimony is available, the Expert Witness Program will advise you of the contents of the file and clarify which documents are to be copied. Legal documents maintained in the Clearinghouse Project are not reviewed or evaluated for content or credibility. Requested documents will be sent in their entirety. Further information about the Expert Witness Program Clearinghouse Project is available by calling (847) 384-4047, by e-mail at or by logging on to the Web site,

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