AAOS Report - September, 2005

Make plans for National Awareness Week

During National Awareness Week, October 12-20—same dates every year—the U.S Bone and Joint Decade (USBJD) will spread awareness in all 50 states of bone and joint conditions. An online “toolkit” for all USBJD participating organizations offers creative ways to publicize the week as well as information on the prevention and treatment of musculo-skeletal problems. Go to http://www.usbjd.org to access the toolkit, containing graphics, posters, buttons, stickers, brochures, testimonials and logos, to help promote the week.

This year’s event will include Protect Your Bones, the national debut of a high school bone health program, which the USBJD and Cleveland Clinic launched in 2004 as a pilot program. It arms students with practical information on musculoskeletal conditions. Fit to a T is a pilot osteoporosis education program that will be launched in local libraries in select U.S. communities. It responds to the Surgeon General’s first-ever report that bone health demands more attention.

Please tell Toby King at toby.king@usbjd .org or Robin Waxenberg at rwaxenberg@nyc.rr.com about any plans you have made to observe National Awareness Week. Visit http://www.usbjd.orgregularly for updates on press material and resources.

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