AAOS Report - September, 2005

Professional compliance committees hold training, mock hearing

Two new AAOS committees—the Committee on Professionalism (COP) and the Judiciary Committee—held a joint daylong training session, including a mock hearing on Aug. 12. The COP, chaired by Peter J. Mandell, MD, reviews formal grievances between fellows and members. Selected COP members make up a panel that conducts the initial hearing and recommends professional compliance action by the Board of Directors. The Judiciary Committee, chaired by Richard D. Schmidt, MD, is the appellate body that conducts appeals recommended by the Hearing Panel. The Judiciary Committee also makes recommendations to the Board of Directors.

The training session was conducted to help committee members understand the legal procedures and ramifications of handling professional compliance complaints. Fellows and members may file formal grievances based on alleged violations of the Standards of Professionalism (SOPs) that became effective April 18, 2005. AAOS cannot review allegations of matters that occurred before that date. Matters pending in civil courts or administrative processes must be concluded first.

Information about the SOPs, the Grievance Application Form, committee charges and the professional compliance program is available at http://www3.aaos.org/member/profcomp/profcomp.cfm

Questions or comments can be e-mailed to aaosexpertwitness@aaos.org or professionalcompliance@aaos.org. You can also call the professional compliance program coordinator at (847) 384-4047.

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