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Names in the News

The AOA and Smith & Nephew, Inc. Endoscopy awarded Frank Frassica, MD, the Fifth Annual AOA-Smith & Nephew Endoscopy Distinguished Clinician Educator Award…The Medical Board of California honored Ramon Jimenez, MD, for 30 years of work to improve access to healthcare for farm workers and the Latino population in the Central Valley and Mexico…Mary Ann Keenan, MD, was honored with one of the first-annual Ladies’ Home Journal Health Breakthrough Awards…John R. Denton, MD, received the 2006 annual St. Luke Medal from the Catholic Medical Centers of Queens…Paul N. Krop, MD, recently received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Virginia Chapter of the Arthritis Foundation…The Arthroscopy Association of North America elected new officers and board: Walter R. Shelton, MD, president; David A. McGuire, MD, first vice president; Jack M. Bert, MD, second vice president; John S. Rogerson, MD, secretary; F. Alan Barber, MD treasurer; James C.Y. Chow, MD, immediate past president; Donald H. Johnson, MD, past president; Richard L. Angelo, MD; Gregory C. Fanelli, MD; Peter Jokl, MD; John C. Richmond, MD; Richard K.N. Ryu, MD; Ronald M. Selby, MD, directors…New officers and members-at-large were elected to the American Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Society board of directors: Lowell H. Gill, MD, president; Steven D.K. Ross, MD, president-elect; Robert B. Anderson, MD, vice president; Mark E. Easley, MD, Bryan D. Den Hartog, MD, and Bruce J. Sangeorzan, MD, new members-at-large; Andrew K. Sands, MD, treasurer; continuing board members are Charles L. Saltzman, MD, secretary; James W. Brodsky, MD, immediate past president; Mark S. Myerson, MD, past president; Glenn B. Pfeffer, MD, past president (ex-officio), and Christopher W. DiGiovanni, MD, member-at-large…New officers and directors of the Southeastern Hand Club include: Michael R. Ugino, MD, president; Brian A. Torre, MD, president-elect; David S. Ruch, MD, vice president; Sanjay Desai, MD, secretary-treasurer; Ron Neimkin, MD, historian; Rocco Barbieri Jr, MD, and Ethan R. Weisler, MD, members-at-large…The Michigan Orthopaedic Society’s 2006-2007 executive board includes Patricia A. Kolowich, MD, president; J. Michael Wiater, MD, first vice president; Mark C. Pinto, MD, second vice president; Ira Zaltz, MD, treasurer; and Martin M. Pallante, MD, immediate past president

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