Professional Compliance Program - AAOS

Confidentiality in the Professional Compliance Program

Confidentiality of grievance material is a cornerstone of the AAOS Professional Compliance Program. Both the AAOS and the participants in a grievance are expected to maintain confidentiality until the process is concluded.

As a result of recent court activity in Louisiana, the Professional Compliance Program has added the following language on the Grievance Report, which must be signed and dated to begin the formal grievance process: “I acknowledge that I will treat as confidential all information from AAOS and will not share information about grievances until the Board of Directors has taken final action.”

Once the process is concluded, AAOS will notify the fellowship and other appropriate organizations of final professional compliance actions taken by the Board of Directors. Additional information about the AAOS Professional Compliance Program and the grievance procedures is available online.

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