September 1995 AAOS Report

Board approves OLC expansion

The Board of Directors, meeting Aug. 25-26 in Chicago, approved in concept a study for the expansion of the Orthopaedic Learning Center and urged that the planning move forward. The received the results of a feasibility study to establish an endowment fund to support the Orthopaedic Learning Center expansion. The board also approved a comprehensive plan for new managed care and practice management products and services, including a national conference in the fall 1997 called "Groups, Networks, Mergers, and Affiliations for Orthopaedic Surgeons"; a managed care and practice management on-line member-to-member forum in fiscal 1996; and a book titled, "Quality Management for the Cost-Effective Orthopaedic Practice Under Capitation and Other Managed Care Arrangements." Feasibility studies were authorized for a number of other products and services. To stem the annual financial losses of the Summer Institute, the board approved a plan for a task force to evaluate the 1995 Summer Institute and recommend changes in the program for the 1996 Summer Institute. A subsequent analysis of the 1996 Summer Institute would determine if a Summer Institute will be held in 1998. The board approved recommending a bylaws change to establish a new International Affiliate membership category. New Position Statements were approved on Medical Savings Accounts, the Medicare Demonstration Project for Joint Surgery, and Relationships Between Health Care Plans and Trauma Systems. A Position Statement and an Opinion on Ethics also were approved on Medical and Surgical Procedure Patents. To receive copies of the new Position Statements, contact the Academy's department of communications, (800) 346-2267, ext. 4126.

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