September 1996 AAOS Report

Academy adds more information on home page

The Academy's home page received a new look in August. Browsers to the Academy's home page now will be greeted with a more colorful design and easier to access subject headings. New to the home page this month is a demographic database. Users of the database can receive detailed demographic information on most cities in the U.S. Information about the number of orthopaedic surgeons in the area, population count and population per orthopaedic surgeon is provided. The Academy also has placed statistical information on the web site. Users now can access current numbers on many musculoskeletal conditions, including arthroplasty and total joint replacement, fractures, carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, and back and neck problems. In addition, the Academy is in the process of placing scientific programs from past Annual Meetings on the web site. The 1989 Annual Meeting scientific program is the first meeting to be placed on the home page. Browsers can search the program to review abstracts from scientific papers and summaries of scientific symposia and instructional courses. The database, statistical information and 1989 Annual Meeting scientific program can be found in the "All New" section of the home page. The Academy's web site address is

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