September 1998 AAOS Report

U.S., Canadian fellowship offered

The American Orthopaedic Association (AOA) is accepting applications from U.S. orthopaedic surgeons for its John J. Fahey, MD Memorial North American Traveling Fellowship in the U.S. and Canada during fall 1999. The fellowship is open to orthopaedic surgeons who have completed an approved orthopaedic residency on or after June 30, 1995. Orthopaedic surgeons in Canada also are eligible for consideration, but need to contact the Canadian Orthopaedic Association at (514) 874-9003 for application information. Orthopaedic surgeons in the U.S. applying for the fellowship can contact AOA at (847) 318-7330. The deadline for submitting applications is Dec. 1.

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