September 1998 AAOS Report

Vote for 1999 Nominating Committee

Oct. 1 is the deadline for all active and emeritus fellows of the Academy to return their completed ballots for the election of the 1999 Nominating Committee. Each ballot contains the names and biographical information of 15 individuals who are candidates for the committee. Fellows are asked to vote for six individuals on the list. The Academy's Board of Directors appointed Bernard F. Morrey, MD, to serve as chairman of the 1999 Nominating Committee along with six fellows receiving the largest number of votes. The committee will present its slate of nominees for officers and other positions during the Annual Meeting's business meeting on Feb. 6. At the business meeting, the 1999 Nominating Committee will recommend a list of nominees for the offices of second vice president, secretary, treasurer, at-large members of the Board of Directors (one individual under age 45; one individual of no age designation), and a member of the National Membership Committee (eastern region). All fellows are encouraged to participate in the election.

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