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Wednesday, March 15, 2000

JBJS expanding scope of scientific coverage

By James Heckman, MD Editor-in-Chief The Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery (American)

As the official scientific publication of the Academy, The Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery (American) continues to publish the very best scientific work in the musculoskeletal arena. In 1999, 775 manuscripts were received and 10 per cent were accepted for publication. All submitted articles go through a rigorous peer review process, and, thus, those articles selected do, indeed, represent the very best of orthopaedic thinking.

In addition to the scientific articles, the Journal continues to publish selected Instructional Course Lectures presented at the Academy's Annual Meeting, as well as Current Concepts reviews on important clinical topics. Both of these sections of the Journal are designed to bring clinical relevance and current thinking by the best minds in the field to the bedside.

The Journal is published monthly and is available either in print form or electronically. Through a subscription format, a compact disk is available that contains full text and images of all of the Journal publications from January 1996 to the present.

In 2000, the Journal is markedly expanding its web site to become a true portal for orthopaedic knowledge. The Journal's home page at provides full text of all Journal articles free to subscribers and for non-subscribers, an individual article can be downloaded for a fee of $10. During this next year, under the guidance of the newly appointed Deputy Editor for Electronic Media, Robert Poss, MD, the website will grow substantially and provide true interactive access to all subscribers.

In 2000, the Journal will be expanding to cover a broader range of topics in orthopaedics. With the creation of The Orthopaedic Forum in the March issue, provocative and interesting essays on health policy and practice, ethics and other topics of general orthopaedic interest will be presented. Brief reports of interesting new surgical techniques and diagnostic tests will be presented, and an in-teractive venue will be provided for discussion of important topics in orthopaedics.

We will begin a monthly Orthopaedic Specialty Update section reviewing, on an annual basis, new advances in each of the major subspecialty areas of orthopaedics. We also plan to publish structured abstracts in evidenced-based medicine. This new service will survey over 150 journals from around the world and synthesize the best thinking with regard to the management of selected musculoskeletal problems.

All-in-all, the Journal is expanding its scope to appeal to all those involved in musculoskeletal care. While maintaining the absolutely highest standards of scientific publication, The Journal will, in addition, grow specifically to expand its role in the delivery of relevant information to the practicing orthopaedic surgeon.

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