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Thursday, March 16, 2000

ICOE strengthens link between surgeons, postgrad education

By Kirsten Lambert Communications and ICOE Manager American Orthopaedic Association

The International Center for Orthopaedic Education strengthened the link between orthopaedic surgeons and postgraduate education by launching its online database ( Jan. 15. Annual Meeting participants can visit the site at the ICOE booth outside Exhibit Hall B2 on Level 2.

The free Web-based program serves as an instrument for international orthopaedic exchange, connecting offering institutions with applicants. As a supporter of the Bone and Joint Decade, the ICOE aims to provide better patient care through more opportunities for education.

The redesigned database previously was available only through the American Orthopaedic Association web site ( The AOA, which co-sponsors the ICOE with the Orthopaedic Hospital of Los Angeles, revamped the ICOE database to make it more user-friendly for organizations seeking candidates, as well as applicants desiring postgraduate education.

Orthopaedic surgeons who used the ICOE database before its redesign will note some major changes. The database now allows orthopaedic surgeons, or applicants, to register and search for experiences online from anywhere in the world at any time. Applicants also can set up the database to notify them via e-mail when new offerings meet their specified criteria.

By late 2000, offering units-medical institutions, organizations or individuals-will be able to post opportunities themselves, thereby saving processing time and making the information available sooner. In the future, the site is slated to contain a calendar of international education opportunities.

The AOA offers the data in a centralized facility to help orthopaedic organizations more easily find candidates to fill their educational and resource needs. Needs can take the form of visiting professor programs, new technology instruction or care to needy areas.

Organizations in more than 75 countries have listed opportunities in the ICOE database since its inception in 1994. The database contains international postgraduate educational, teaching and service experiences, as well as opportunities offered by organizations and individuals.

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