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Thursday, March 16, 2000

New initiatives highlighted at Annual Meeting opening

Robert D. D'Ambrosia, MD, 1999 AAOS president, opened the 67th Annual Meeting Wednesday afternoon by highlighting a series of initiatives designed to put decision-making about health care back into the hands of the patient-physician partnership and to create a more positive image for the specialty of orthopaedics.

He recalled his presentation a year ago when he outlined challenges that the specialty had to consider if it was to remain the definitive providers of musculoskeletal care in the future.

"We all came to realize that we had lost some of our patients' confidence in our ability and we had lost some of their trust in our willingness to place their well-being above our own interest," Dr. D'Ambrosia said. But he was optimistic that the course set by the Board of Directors will turn the challenges into opportunities.

The Board created a new Council on Communications, which established four new committees-public relations, Internet communications, patient education and injury prevention. The Academy's web site has been expanded to allow all members to develop their own web sites to reach out to their patients and the public and to tap into the AAOS's growing inventory of public-patient information. An Alternative Care Committee has been formed to provide fellows with information in this area. The Washington office has been expanded and a PAC established. The Council on Research and Scientific Affairs has been empowered with major initiatives concerning the Bone and Joint Decade effort. Lay members have been added to two councils to give a broader perspective in deliberations and a new Volunteer Care Committee was created, which established a new Humanitarian Awards program.

The opening ceremonies included recognition of the 104 international presidents in the audience and presentation of the Kappa Delta and OREF research award.

A video captured the excitement of the volunteer effort that built a playground at an Orlando school on Tuesday. Orthopaedic surgeons from almost every state, industry representatives and others pitched in to build the safe and accessible playground for the children with disabilities.

The audience also saw the Academy's first multimedia public service campaign that will be distributed to 12,000 media outlets nationwide.

On behalf of the members, Dr. D'Ambrosia accepted an award from the National Osteoporosis Foundation for the efforts of the calling attention to and research on the bone disease.

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