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Thursday, March 16, 2000

CAMPAIGN 2000 surpasses goal for OREF

The Orthopaedic Research and Education Foundation (OREF) is now in the final year of its first-ever multiyear fundraising effort: CAMPAIGN 2000: Leaders for Orthopaedic Progress. With one full year remaining in the CAMPAIGN, the foundation has surpassed the goal of $40 million, and continues to forge ahead. As the foundation for the entire orthopaedic community, OREF presents opportunities for individuals, groups and corporations to support advances in all areas of specialty interest within orthopaedics.

The foundation, the orthopaedic community and the community at large will all benefit for many years to come from the generosity of all those who have made the success of CAMPAIGN 2000 possible. In particular, the members of the Alfred R. Shands, Jr. Circle have made significant commitments to the future of orthopaedics through their contributions to the endowment of a minimum of $20,000 in cash and/or $50,000 in a deferred gift arrangement.

OREF is excited to kick off the final year of CAMPAIGN 2000 with the announcement of a $1 million commitment from Richard D. and Mrs. Stephanie Coutts, MD. While they originally planned to make their gift anonymously, as chairman of the Board, Dr. Coutts recognizes the value of "leading by example." By making their gift public, Dr. Coutts and his wife hope to inspire others to step forward and join them in making a major commitment to OREF and the specialty.

Dr. Coutts has been supporting OREF at the Order of Merit level since the program began in 1985. He joined the Board of Trustees in 1994 and served as vice chair for grants in 1997 and 1998, and has personally seen the positive impact financial support of OREF has on the advancement of the specialty.

"By supporting orthopaedic research with a gift, one can give back to the specialty something for the privilege of being able to practice orthopaedic surgery," Dr. Coutts said. "By making a deferred gift through the mechanism of a charitable remainder trust, the donor can provide for retirement income while ultimately benefiting a worthy cause. We hope that others will be encouraged to explore this method as a way of making charitable gifts and supporting OREF."

By building the endowment through the generosity of members of the orthopaedic community, OREF is planning for the future, ensuring our continued ability to maintain the funding of high quality orthopaedic research and education. As part of this effort to build the endowment, OREF continues to offer consultation services with financial planning professionals to members of the orthopaedic community across the country.

Preparing for the future means creating a financial plan that suits your personal circumstances, and blends your philanthropic giving with your financial needs and tax planning strategies. You don't have to be wealthy to make a tremendous impact on the future. Financial planning professionals are often able to assist individuals in unique gift planning on a level beyond what most would think is within their means.

OREF offers assistance in several ways. Through business arrangements with financial planning professionals, OREF offers financial planning seminars at AAOS retirement planning meetings, can provide you with the services of a financial planning professional at a reduced cost to you, or can arrange for a planned giving mini-seminar in your area.

Individuals are not the only ones planning for the future. As a community foundation, OREF is positioned within the orthopaedic community to effectively manage fundraising and the resulting endowments created from these efforts.

OREF has the staff and system in place to raise money and make grants in a very cost-effective way. In 1999, several new specialty societies, orthopaedic organizations and groups made the decision to begin endowments with OREF. The American Orthopaedic Association, American Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Society, Orthopaedic Research Society, Ruth Jackson Orthopaedic Society, SICOT, Scoliosis Research Society and the Phoenix Orthopaedic Residency Program are now among those partnering with OREF to build a financial base for their future.

For more than four decades, support of OREF has directly impacted the orthopaedic specialty in meaningful ways. Many members of the orthopaedic community have demonstrated their support, advancing the specialty through research and education. The names of these donors, sponsors, and volunteers supporting CAMPAIGN 2000 are listed on the OREF "Wall of Fame." The OREF exhibit is located in the third level foyer, immediately outside of the entrance to the Auditorium.

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