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Friday, March 17, 2000

Cementless stems can provide excellent implant fixation

Tapered, cylindrical and anatomic cementless femoral stems can provide excellent implant fixation in total hip replacement surgery, but in terms of thigh pain and stress shielding, researchers for scientific exhibit 30 found cementless tapered design femoral components seem to be the best choice.

Since 1984, 1,700 cementless total hip replacements were performed at London Health Sciences Center, University of Western Ontario. The clinical and radiographic results were analyzed. A meta analysis of available literature was performed to provide specific information on the clinical results, femoral stem fixation, prevalence of thigh pain and the prevalence of stress shielding.

The results showed that ta-pered cementless femoral components provided the best fixation (tapered, 99 percent; cylindrical, 95 percent; and anatomic, 94 percent). Tapered cementless femoral stems provided the lowest prevalence of thigh pain (tapered, 3 percent; cylindrical, 10 percent; and anatomic, 22 percent). Tapered and anatomic cementless stems provided the low-est rates of stress shielding (tapered, 5 percent; anatomic, 5 percent; and cylindrical, 23 percent).

The researchers, all of the London Health Sciences Centre, University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario are Robert B. Bourne, MD, Angus D. McLachlin Professor; Cecil H. Rorabeck, MD professor and chairman, division of orthopaedic surgery; and Kevin J. Inman, MSc, director of research. Also participating was Evangelos Tozakoglou, PhD, Smith & Nephew Orthopaedics.

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