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Saturday, March 18, 2000

OREF raises $7.3 million for research, education

The year 1999 marked another tremendously successful fundraising year for Orthopaedic Research and Education Foundation (OREF), reports Richard D. Coutts, MD, chairman of the board. "On behalf of OREF, and the many orthopaedic organizations who are supported through the foundation, I want to thank our donors for supporting our mission to fund high-quality orthopaedic research and education programs," he said.

Dr. Coutts observed that "it's never easy to ask people for money , but each year that is what OREF staff and volunteers must do. Across the country, volunteers committed to OREF's mission to advance the specialty through research and education overcome the natural reluctance and ask their peers to join them in supporting this valuable work.

"Why do they do it? There are many reasons, but the bottom line is that if funds are not raised each year through the Annual Program, valuable orthopaedic research and education projects will not receive the funding they need. Investigation expands the base of knowledge. Supporting those whose focus is investigating musculoskeletal issues expands the knowledge that all in the orthopaedic community need in order to improve patient care."

In 1999, the orthopaedic community supported its foundation with contributions of almost $7.3 million in cash, stock and deferred commitments. This is the last year of CAMPAIGN 2000: Leaders for Orthopaedic Progress. Many have already made their commitment to OREF this year; their names are listed on the OREF "Wall of Fame." By pledging early, supporters allow OREF staff and volunteers to focus their efforts most effectively throughout the year.

James R. Urbaniak, MD, vice chair, development for OREF, encourages everyone to become involved. "Since orthopaedic patients are the greatest beneficiaries of OREF, all orthopaedic surgeons should have a sense of responsibility to contribute to the foundation," said Dr. Urbaniak. "If you have not yet made your charitable gift or wish to increase it for the successful 2000 campaign, please join our team now for a strong finish.

"CAMPAIGN 2000: Leaders for Orthopaedic Progress is the first-ever multiyear fundraising campaign for OREF. With more than $47 million in cash, pledges, and deferred gift commitments made to OREF through this CAMPAIGN, this has been a tremendously successful effort. However, just over half of the funds raised are in the form of future, or deferred commitments. These future commitments are vital, because they guarantee a base of support in perpetuity, but we urge everyone to continue to support our Annual Program to meet the needs we have today.

"The changing medical and political environment dictates the urgent need for orthopaedics to support its foundation now more than ever. This specialty is unique. The existence and support of OREF makes orthopaedics a leading specialty with an institution devoted to providing a source for funding for the young investigator. Further setting orthopaedics apart is the fact that the tremendous support of OREF comes from orthopaedic surgeons and the orthopaedic industry."

OREF is accepting pledges for 2000 at their exhibit, located in the third floor foyer, outside of the Auditorium. The names of those who pledge now, will be immediately added to the list, with all of those who supported the foundation during the 1999 calendar year.

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