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Saturday, March 18, 2000

Cyst in periglenoid region may result in labral pathology, says research

Patients with a cyst in the periglenoid region may result in labral pathology, according to a study presented in poster exhibit 347 by Drew A. Stein, MD, department of orthopaedics, New York University Medical Center and Hospital for Joint Diseases, New York City.

In the study, of 33 cysts were noted on MRI in 32 patients over a seven-year period. The distribution of cysts was: intramuscular, four; anterosuperior, six; posterosuperior, 15; anterioinferior, six; and posteroinferior, two. Labral abnormalities co-existed with the cyst in 93.1 percent of the patients. The labral pathology was found in the corresponding quadrant of the cyst in 90.5 percent of the patients. Of the 10 cases with cysts extending to the suprascapular notch and/or spinoglenoid notch, only one had clinical evidence of suprascapular neuropathy. All four intramuscular cysts had rotator cuff tears. "This study offers additional evidence of the association between glenohumeral labral cysts and capsulolabral injuries," said Dr. Stein.

Co-authors of this study with Dr. Stein, from NYU Medical Center and the Hospital for Joint Diseases are: Orrin H. Sherman, chief of sports medicine and assistant professor of orthopaedics; Mark J. Scheer, MD, department of orthopaedics; Nicholas A. Bavaro, MD, department of orthopaedics; Jonathan D. Klug, MD, department of radiology; and Mahvash Rafii, MD, director of radiology.

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