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Thursday, March 1, 2001

ICOE offers online posting of educational opportunities

By Stuart L. Weinstein, MD
Chairman, International Center for Orthopaedic Education

The International Center for Orthopaedic Education (ICOE) has enhanced its online database to allow doctors and institutions to post their education and exchange opportunities directly to the ICOE Web site ( AAOS annual meeting participants can list or apply for opportunities by visiting the ICOE booth along the escalators outside Hall D.

The online posting feature mirrors the application process for orthopaedists who register for opportunities.

In the past, offering units submitted listings via mail or fax, and an ICOE staff member posted each opportunity. Now sponsoring organizations can create, revise and delete their listings by completing forms online.

When posting opportunities, the ICOE database will prompt offering units to enter beginning and ending dates for their listings to ensure that information is up-to-date. If a listing is expiring, the ICOE system will generate an e-mail message asking the offering unit whether the listing is still valid.

Nancy Kelly, executive director of Orthopaedics Overseas, says, "Our roster of programs is always in flux, and it will be a lot easier to keep the listings up-to-date when our staff can do it directly."

The ICOE is a free web-based program that connects offering units (medical institutions, organizations or individuals) with applicants (orthopaedic surgeons). The American Orthopaedic Association, which cosponsors the program with Orthopaedic Hospital, offers the data in a centralized facility to help orthopaedic surgeons and organizations match their educational or resource needs.

The ICOE database contains educational and volunteer opportunities in almost 90 countries on six continents. Exchanges truly are global; more than half of all opportunities take place outside North America.

About 45 percent of research, clinical and observership opportunities are located in North America. Educational opportunities also can take place in Europe, Australia, Africa, Asia or South America. Although 60 percent of volunteer opportunities take place in Africa, Asia and South America, organizations and individuals in Europe, Australia and North America also seek orthopaedists for teaching and service opportunities.

Opportunities can be short-term (shorter than three months) or long-term. The ICOE's online database lists the following types of opportunities: Fellowships (direct patient care)

Clinical observerships; research (basic science and clinical); service (locum tenens, practice exchange, care to needy areas); and teaching (e.g., visiting professorships)

Well-known institutions such as Johns Hopkins University and Mayo Clinic offer educational opportunities through ICOE. Service organizations that list their volunteer opportunities with ICOE include Orthopaedics Overseas and World Orthopaedic Concern.

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