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Friday, March 2, 2001

Courses stress emerging technology

Emerging technology is being emphasized in Instructional Courses at this year's AAOS Annual Meeting especially in surgical areas, says James H. Beaty, MD, chairman of the Instructional Course Committee.

There are 181 courses offered this year and, as always, the course lectures are intense, focused and cover a range of narrow subjects, each course running for two, three or four hours.

Other courses focus on business issues which support the physician's practice in such areas as marketing and strategic planning. There are also courses in physician-owned centers, fraud and abuse involved with coding and documentation, and patient physician communication skills.

"We have tried to be as comprehensive as we can in our course offerings," said Dr. Beaty.

Audience interactive advancements began last year, and is being used again at this Annual Meeting. These allow members of an audience to register an answer to a question and within seconds, see the results. Importantly, it provides audience members with anonymity, as they learn from their mistakes.

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