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Wednesday, February 28, 2001

Hip fracture dataset outlined

One of the largest datasets on hip fracture patients 65 years and older in New York state shows that in the 1985-1996 period 79 percent occurred in females and 91percent were white. Individuals 85 years old and over had the highest incidence rate.

The data, presented in poster exhibit 102, show on average 15,800 admissions occurred annually, gradually increasing from 15,300 in 1985 to 16,000 in 1996. Forty-seven percent of the fractures were intertrochanteric. Internal fixation was used on 51 percent of the fractures; 16 percent had partial hip replacement.

The data show 6.5 percent of the patients died while at the hospital. The median length of hospital stay was 15 days.

Individuals 85 and older had the highest age-specific rate incidence rate (28.3/1,000), followed by those 80-84 (15.7/1,000), 75-79 (8.2/1,000), 70-74 (4.2/1,000), and 65-69 (2.2/1,000). The age-specific incidence rate increased from 20/1,000 in 1985 to 27/1,000 in 1992 for those over 85. There was no change for any other age group over time.

Hip fracture risk was approximately three times as great for whites as compared to non-whites in all age groups. Those living in rural areas were at highest risk (age-adjusted rate 5/1,000 to 150/1,000), compared to those living in large metropolitan areas (1/1,000 to 5/1,000).

"As expected, the overall frequency of hip fracture has increased since 1985 in New York State," the coauthors of the study said. "However, in spite of increased attention and efforts at prevention of hip fracture, the overall risk of injury, at least in New York, has remained constant, and that the risk to those 85 and older has actually increased somewhat."

Coauthors of the study are Gina Aharonoff, MPH, New York, N.Y.; Rudi Hiebert, BS, New York, N.Y.; Philip Wolinsky, MD, New York, N.Y.; Joseph D. Zuckerman, MD, New York, N.Y.; and Kenneth Koval, MD, New York, N.Y.

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