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Friday, March 2, 2001

OREF serves entire orthopaedic community

By Judy Sherr

The Orthopaedic Research and Education Foundation (OREF), established in 1955, is the one foundation serving the entire orthopaedic community. To uphold their integral position in the profession, OREF has many unique and strategic partnerships with AAOS, the orthopaedic specialty societies and industry.

Through these productive relationships, OREF has provided more than $40 million through more than 1,400 grants to fund valuable research and education.

OREF has expanded its programs to better meet the needs and interests of its contributors. Since 1996, more than $4 million has been directed to the Academy and orthopaedic Specialty Societies through OREF as a result of new giving options that allow surgeons and companies to designate a portion of their contributions to these important organizations.

Orthopaedic residents continue to be of great importance to OREF. To encourage and cultivate new researchers, OREF proudly offers an annual Midwest Orthopaedic Residents Research Symposium in Chicago. Interested corporations generously support this special event while demonstrating their commitment to the future of the profession.

OREF also cosponsors the annual AOA-OREF Residents Research Conference, a national academic meeting that affords young orthopaedists the opportunity to network with current and future leaders in the specialty, while building upon their current orthopaedic knowledge base. Through the Corporate Associates Program, OREF continues to strengthen its relationship.

Through the Corporate Associates Program, OREF continues to strengthen its relationship with industry, while expanding their role within the orthopaedic arena. Increasing numbers of device and pharmaceutical companies find their participation as a Corporate Associate not only supports much needed research, but also affords unique opportunities for visibility and networking with orthopaedic surgeons, such as the OREF Leadership Breakfast.

AAOS and OREF strategically partner together in their efforts to collaborate with industry through the Corporate Relations Advisory Group, or CRAG. The group meets regularly to discuss fundable programs and products considered of value to orthopaedic surgeons. OREF helps these programs come to fruition by securing corporate sponsorships from companies that possess a keen interest in furthering orthopaedic research and education.

OREF is continually exploring ways to best serve the orthopaedic profession, and believes this can best be accomplished by enhancing partnerships with organizations that share the common goal and commitment to maximize the available dollars to support essential research and education.

Judy Sherr is director of corporate relations, Orthopaedic Research and Education Foundation.

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