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Wednesday, February 28, 2001

Bone and Joint Decade aims to advance research, prevention

The Bone and Joint Decade 2000-2010 is an international effort to advance understanding of musculoskeletal conditions through research and improve prevention and treatment.

Thirty-five nations and 800 organizations worldwide have joined the effort and 44 states in the United States have adopted proclamations supporting the effort.

In addition to helping patients, the Bone and Joint Decade will have some downstream benefits for orthopaedic surgeons, including an increased demand for orthopaedic services, says Stuart L. Weinstein, MD, chairman of the AAOS Bone and Joint Decade Committee.

"The initiative will result in increased awareness of burden of disease, improvement of the patient-physician relationship and better outcomes of treatment," says Dr. Weinstein.

"There will be increased awareness of the value of our treatments and value of our research. Around the world, musculoskeletal conditions affect hundreds of millions of people, and this figure is projected to increase sharply due to the predicted doubling of the number of people over age 50 by the year 2020. This population will need the treatments of orthopaedic surgeons."

Dr. Weinstein emphasizes that "the more the public knows about orthopaedics, the services provided, and the outcomes of treatments, the greater will be the demand for the services of orthopaedists. Patients will demand increased access to orthopaedists from their health care plan."

Increased public awareness will translate to increased awareness among legislative and government officials and health care policy will be altered accordingly, says Dr. Weinstein.

The success of the Bone and Joint Decade effort will result in increased funding for prevention and increased research funding. Also, there will be increased numbers of researchers and new treatment options.

For more information visit the Bone and Joint decade, visit the Bone and Joint Decade across from the Resource Center in the South lobby of Moscone Convention Center.

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