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Thursday, February 14, 2002

Managing patients with open fractures

Researchers recently surveyed trauma surgeons about their treatment of open fractures and reported the results in poster exhibit 430. A survey was sent to 397 members of the Orthopedic Trauma Association (OTA). Questions covered surgeon demographics and their methods of treatment including culturing wounds, antibiotic use and duration, frequency of debridements, and use of oral antibiotics at discharge.

Demographics of the participating surgeons showed that of the 188 (47%) physicians returning surveys, 60% completed trauma fellowships, 63% had practices with more than 50% trauma, and 90% reported that less than 25% of cases were open fractures.

Methods of treatment include:

Researchers say they found two surprising facts through the survey: there were 17% cultured open wounds on initial presentation and 14% of physicians discharged patients with oral antibiotics. A current prospective, randomized multicenter study is being developed to provide better guidelines for the management of these patients.

Co-authors of the study include Dolfi Herscovici, Jr, DO, Julia M. Scaduto, ARNP, and Roy W. Sanders, MD, all of Tampa, Fla.

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