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Thursday, February 14, 2002

OREF Clinician Scientist Award is announced

In his remarks at the opening ceremony of the Annual Meeting, Dr. Richard Gelberman announced the creation of the first OREF Clinician Scientist Award, made possible by a generous gift by orthopaedic surgeon Zachary B. Friedenberg, MD, and his wife, Kathleen. The first grant will be presented in 2003.

In his inaugural presentation last year, Dr. Gelberman stated that one of the most significant challenges facing orthopaedics was the lack of funds for research, especially funds to allow clinicians to conduct research. According to Gene Wurth, the President of the Orthopaedic Research and Education Foundation, "Dr. Gelberman emphasized in his remarks that the time had come for orthopaedics to take charge of its own future, and to act on the important issues facing it. Yesterday he shared an example of how those two themes came together for the good of orthopaedics in just one short year."

The new grant will be a permanent endowment within OREF, providing annual funds to support an outstanding clinician/scientist to allow release time from clinical duties to conduct research. It is a salary supplement that will replace income lost because of time spent in the lab, and away from patients, and it will encourage clinicians to step into a research setting for large periods of time without making them, or their associates in a clinical practice, suffer from loss of revenue. Recipients will be eligible for the award for periods of three to five years, depending on the nature and scope of the research being conducted.

Dr. Friedenberg has had a long and distinguished career at the University of Pennsylvania. In addition to treating thousands of patients, and teaching thousands of medical students, he has conducted very significant research over the years, often in collaboration with other outstanding researchers.

Gene Wurth noted that, "It is fitting that someone who has 'touched all the bases' is the one to make this first Clinician/Scientist Award. The need for quality research will continue, as will the need for awards of this nature. The Academy and OREF believe that eventually we could have ten to twelve such awards available. It is the hope of Dr. Friedenberg - and those of many in orthopaedics - that others will see the value of this type of award, and consider ways that they can follow Dr. Friedenberg's example."

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