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Friday, February 15, 2002

OREF Web site Adds New Features

By Gene R. Wurth, president/CEO OREF

The Orthopaedic Research and Education Foundation (OREF) has made substantial improvements to its Web site over the past several months - all designed to make the site more valuable to orthopaedic surgeons and residents.

The first and most noticeable improvement is a total redesign, giving the site a new, more professional look. It also has added many features that make exploring the site worthwhile.

It offers a calendar that includes important dates for OREF meetings and events, as well as significant dates for those involved in the grant application process. This includes deadlines for submission of applications, dates for the review of the applications, and dates by which reports are due back to OREF.

On the fundraising side, the new site describes the many levels of support that can be used to help OREF in its efforts, and the benefits they provide. Sections explain the annual campaign, the role of corporate support, the guidelines for membership in the Shands Circle, and a substantial new section on the many options and financial benefits of planned giving in support of OREF.

The planned giving section is highly interactive with a Gift Calculator that allows visitors to examine any gift amount and variation in a comfortable, confidential manner. Visiting the site and evaluating giving options imparts no obligation on the visitor at all. Further, the section includes an extensive library of materials about financial planning and planned giving. E-brochures (informational items that can be downloaded right to your printer) are available, as well are request forms to order printed materials to be mailed to you. The glossary helps visitors understand some of the more complex terms used in financial and gift planning at a comfortable pace.

You can visit the OREF Web site at

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