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Friday, March 12, 2004

Award-winning posters recognized during "Breakfast in the Posters"

By Jeannie Glickson

About 100 orthopaedists arrived at Moscone West early Thursday morning to enjoy "Breakfast in the Posters" and view the nearly 300 scientific posters, including the 12 award-winning posters, one from each classification.

"The criteria for the scientific posters have become much more stringent through the years," said Jon J. P. Warner, MD, chair of the Central Program committee, "and the poster and podium presentations are getting better. The importance of the posters is that members can take their own time with them to review and discuss with the authors.

"They walk away with a lot more information," said Dr. Warner.

Members of the Program committee spent months reviewing the 3,300 poster abstracts submitted for this year's Annual Meeting. The posters are peer-reviewed, and the acceptance rate is just 22 percent. This ensures that the scientific posters represent not only "cutting edge" information but also offer practical value to the meeting participants.

Posters are judged on several criteria, including originality, soundness of the scientific reasoning, whether the conclusions are supported by data and whether the poster presents any new information that makes a difference in the quality of care.

To determine the winning posters, committee members each give points to the posters. In the event of a tie, Dr. Warner makes the call-something he had to do twice this year.

"It's as high an honor today to be selected for a poster as a podium," said Dr. Warner.

As the orthopaedists from around the world gathered to socialize and learn, they talked about what brought them there.

"I come to the meeting to learn more about these subjects," said Satish J. Shah, MD, of Pompano Beach, Fla. "This breakfast gave you a chance to discuss them with other doctors."

The winning posters in the 12 categories of peer-reviewed posters included the overall winner (pediatrics): "Musculo-Skeletal Surgical Outcomes in Ambulatory Children with Cerebral Palsy," authored by Douglas A. Barnes, MD; Nancy Scarborough, MD; Barry Goode, MS; Allison C. Scott, MD; Janine Calmes; and Jerry Sullivan, PhD, all of Houston.

In the sports medicine category, the winning poster was "Analysis of Knee Kinematics Following Successful ACL Reconstruction using Dynamic MRI." Authors included Martin Charles Logan, MBChB, MCRS; Andrew Williams, MBBS, FRCS; Wady Gedroyc, MBBS, FRCS; and Michael A. R. Freeman, MD, all of London, England.

Under shoulder and elbow, the winning poster was "Effects of Glenoid Retroversion in Total Shoulder Arthroplasty," authored by Todd Shapiro, MD, Santa Ana, Calif.; Michelle H. McGarry, MD, YeonSoo Lee, PhD, and Thay Q. Lee, PhD, all of Long Beach, Calif., and Ranjan Gupta, MD, Orange, Calif.

In the trauma classification, the winning poster was "The Effects of a Cyclooxygenase-2 Inhibitor on Fracture Healing in a Rat Model." Authors included Michael Herbenick, MD; Dominic Sprott, MD; and Matthew Lawless, MD, all of Dayton, Ohio; and Harold Stills, DVM, of Fair-born, Ohio.

In the tumor category, the winning poster was "Prevention of Post-Laminectomy Spinal Deformity in Children with Intramedullary Spinal Cord Tumors." The poster's authors included Sumeet Garg, MA, of Brookline, Mass., and Scott S. Simon, MD; Leslie N. Sutton, MD; and John P. Dormans, MD, all of Philadelphia.

Under the category of the knee, the winning poster asked the question, "Does Preoperative Alignment Affect Outcomes and Survivorship after TKA Using a Mobile-Bearing Device?" Authors were R. Barry Sorrells, MD, of Little Rock, Ark., and Jeffrey A. Murphy, MS, of Warsaw, Ind.

In the hip category, the winning poster was "Analysis of Bone Support of Cementless Acetabular Cups using Computed Tomography." Authors included James Howard, MD; Andrew Hui, MESc; David W. Holdsworth; Robert Barry Bourne, MD; Cecil H. Rorabeck, MD; Steven J. MacDonald, MD; and Richard W. McCalden, MD, all of London, Ontario, Canada.

Under the spine classification, the winning poster was "Effect of Time and Storage Media on Osteoprogenitor Cell Viability when Harvesting Graft in Rabbits." Authors included Victor Hayes, MD; Farhan Siddiqi, MD; Dimitry Kondrachov, MD; and Lonner Barron, all of New Hyde Park, N.Y.; Jeff Scott Silber, MD, of Ardsley, N.Y. and Daniel A. Grande, PhD, of Manhasset, N.Y.

In the area of foot and ankle, the winning poster was "The Structure of the Anterior Talofibular Ligament of the Ankle." Authors included Tsukasa Kumai, MD; Arminu Rufai, MD; and Michael Benjamin of Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom; and Yoshinori Takakura, MD, and Kazuya Sugimoto, MD, of Nara, Japan.

In the category of the hand, the winning poster was "Treatment of Mucous Cysts of the Fingers: Review of 134 Cases with Minimum Two-Year Follow-up," by Marco Rizzo, MD, Durham, N.C., and Robert D. Beckenbaugh, MD, Rochester, Minn.

Under practice management, the award-winnng poster was "The Impact of New York State 405 Workforce Regulation at One Institution." Authors included Amar D. Rajadhyaksha, MD, Avinash Mohan, MD and David E, Asprinio, MD, all of Valhalla, N.Y. and Jonathan R. Mallen, MD, Chestnut Hill, Mass.

In the category of rehabilitation, the winning poster was "Factors Associated with Disability and Activity in Patients Seeking Care for Osteoarthritis." The authors included Karen K. Briggs, J. Richard Steadman, MD, and David W. Wing, BA, all of Vail, Colo., and Timothy O'Brien, MD, of Bozeman, Mont.

Poster exhibits are located in Moscone West, Level I; they are on display through Sunday. Presenters for each poster will be available between noon and 1 p.m. on Friday for questions and discussions.

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