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Saturday, March 13, 2004

AAOS welcomes new LFP class

In a presentation during the Annual Meeting Opening Ceremonies, the Leadership Fellows Class of 2004 graduated, and a new class was introduced. They had the opportunity to meet with alumni and mentors during a reception on Friday.

The 2004 graduating class included: Judith F. Baumhauer, MD; Craig H. Bennett, MD; Gregory a. Brown, MD; Frances A. Farley, MD; James C. Farmer, MD; Thomas R. Hunt, MD; Matthew Jimenez, MD; Tamara Lynn Martin, MD; Ronald A. Navarro, MD; Bradley J. Nelson, MD; Michael L. Parks, MD; Susan Scherl, MD; Susan E. Stephens,MD; David D. Teucheer, MD, and Robert H.Wilson, MD.

Members of the Class of 2005 are: Albert J. Aboulafia, MD; Laurel C. Blakemore, MD; Kevin Bozic, MD; John M. Flynn, MD; Jeffrey A. Guy, MD; Steven L. Haddad, MD; Valerae O. Lewis, MD; David C. Markel, MD; William R. Martin III, MD; Steven J. Morgan, MD; Charles L. Nelson, MD; William K. Payne III, MD; Robert L. Randall, MD; Ellen M. Raney, MD and Richard A. Schaefer, MD.

Established in December 2001, the LFP identifies future leaders from the younger members of AAOS who have little previous volunteer or leadership experience and prepares them to assume roles of responsibility within AAOS.

The LFP combines didactic leadership training with an ongoing mentoring program that matches the participants with an established leader within the orthopaedic community. The role of mentor is viewed as an integral part of the LFP program. As advisor and confidant to the LFP fellow, the mentor fosters a close professional and personal relationship that continues throughout the fellowship year and beyond.

The LFP curriculum uses meetings, lectures, assigned reading and regular conference calls to foster these relationships and to delve into the meaning and actions of "leadership." It also builds a shared experience for fellows to build meaningful relationships.

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