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Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Visit the Patient Safety resource booth

By Carolyn Rogers

Stop by the Academy's Patient Safety exhibit today to check out the "Sign Your Site" model patient, pick up new safety checklists and learn about the Academy's latest activities promoting patient safety. Located in the Resource Center in the Moscone Convention Center South Lobby, the Patient Safety booth features a "Sign Your Site" mannequin, audiovisual materials and the latest AAOS patient-safety-related advisory and position statements.

Visitors to the exhibit can also pick up the newly approved AAOS Advisory Statement, "Prevention of Medication Errors." This statement is a comprehensive assessment of low- and high-tech solutions that orthopaedic surgeons can use to decrease incidences of medication errors. Also available are copies of the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations' Universal Protocol for Preventing Wrong-Site, Wrong-Procedure, Wrong-Person Surgery . The guidelines for implementation of the new AAOS-endorsed Protocol are available as well, along with Academy's recently updated Advisory Statement on Wrong-Site Surgery.

The booth offers concise pre- and postoperative patient safety checklists specifically designed for use in ambulatory surgical centers (ASC), as well as a detailed report on patient safety in the ASC generated by the Patient Safety Committee's Project Team on ASC/Practitioner Office Errors.

Physician visitors also have an opportunity to view 16 different patient safety slide sets developed to cover different issues in Patient Safety. The presentations, which are being shown before Annual Meeting courses and symposia, will run continuously at the exhibit. The presentations focus on patient safety issues in orthopaedics, examine why errors occur and present methods of avoiding errors.

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