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Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Patient Safety Member Alerts keep orthopaedists informed of significant events, announcements

Patient Safety Member Alerts are another way that AAOS keeps fellows informed of significant events or announcements that could affect patient safety, such as product recalls or safety alerts. In 2003, three Patient Safety Member Alerts were issued: Patient Safety Member Alerts are sent via e-mail and fax to those members for whom the AAOS has e-mail addresses or fax numbers. If your e-mail address or fax number is not on file with the AAOS, please stop by AAOS Online, the Internet Communications Committee booth located across from the Resource Center, and leave your e-mail address and fax number with any staff member there. This will ensure that you receive timely notification of issues that affect patient safety. AAOS currently has 60% of its Fellows' E-mail addresses, but our goal is to drive this number to 100% in 2004.

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