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Saturday, February 26, 2005

Section A

Weinstein pledges: "Nothing about you without you."

Barry prescribes laughter in keynote

Spain: A close look at first Guest Nation

Three studies examine causes, prevention of ACL injuries in women

Town Hall session lively and topical

Just-released AAOS books and programs available at Resource Center

Study finds tobacco use poses increased risk of shoulder injury

TSA better then hemiarthroplasty for glenohumeral osteoarthritis

CAOS improves patient care and surgeon accuracy

Osteoporotic pertrochanteric fractures successfully treated with external fixation

Antibiotics unnecessary before routine shoulder or knee arthroscopies

AAOS, AOFAS release foot survey results

Spanish, Iraqi surgeons honored at Int'l Presidents Breakfast

Iliopsoas surgery in pediatric CP patients may not add significant benefits

Section B

Academy's 2005 PSA campaign will focus on injury prevention and safety

Internet-based patient education tools from Academy can enhance your practice

AAHKS celebrating 15th anniversary

Disc replacement found to restore anatomic, motion parameters better than fusion

Pilot sites selected for joint registry project

Surgeons must watch for LFCN in minimal incision THA

Early motion may be key to Achilles tendon healing

Researchers find no significant differences between single- and dual-incision minimally invasive

AAOS keeps patient education up-to-date

Section C

Arthroscopic and open shoulder stablization have similar outcomes, according to study

TSA seen better than hemiarthroplasty for glenohumeral osteoarthritis

Tips on minimally invasive THA shown

Serotonin inibitor effective as NSAID for herniated disc

ROA helps delay arthritis progression

Antibiotics reduce fatigue life of acrylic bone cement

Avoid surgery based on MRI interpretation of partial tears of rotator cuff

Ceramic hip components have low fracture rate

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