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Friday, February 25, 2005

Operation Share the Knowledge is underway!

The Academy receives educational material in many forms from its contributing members. Articles, faculty handouts and book chapters are just a few examples.

AAOS members also submit videotapes, CD-ROMs, DVDs and even Internet Web sites with educational material on them to share orthopedic knowledge with their fellow surgeons.

Again this year, the department of electronic media, evaluation and course operations is welcoming high-quality, digitally formatted video from Academy members. Many surgeons videotape most, if not all, surgical procedures. Electronics technology and some orthopaedic device companies have made this easier and less expensive than in the past. Orthopaedists are visual learners, and a good way to learn the steps of a surgical procedure is to see a well-made, visually accurate video of the procedure.

Thanks to the contributions of members, the Academy has produced some excellent surgical procedure-based programs recently. AAOS members who have the capability to Share the Knowledge are invited to send video of their surgical procedures for inclusion in our Orthopaedic Surgeons Video Library.

Pick up a postcard in the Multimedia Education Theater, or e-mail mme@aaos.org for details on how you can operate, shoot and contribute to Share the Knowledge!

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